Different from St. Lucia local companies, offshore companies incorporated in St. Lucia are established for the purpose of conducting international business. Also, the corporate and withholding taxes that are applicable to St. Lucia companies that conduct business locally are not applicable to St. Lucia offshore companies.

St Lucia tax haven is just one of the many tax havens we promote for offshore company formations. Offshore companies are tax free. St Lucia offshore formations of the St Lucia offshore company can be completed in a few work days. St Lucia offshore company formation is processed only by the tax haven agents. An offshore company registration for St Lucia offshore companies requires just one subscriber. Consider a UK company such as UK private Limited companies (limited Liability Company UK) or a UK Limited Liability partnerships. The UK companies formation services are provide partner with years of experience in Company incorporation in UK. Company registration also known as company formation or offshore company incorporation is available to corporations and individuals.

Caribbean islands like St. Lucia offer wonderful investment and business opportunities. To help clients who wish to own a home or do business in these countries we facilitate applications for two of the main citizenship-by-investment programs available in the region. Firstly, the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program https://www.dominicacitizenship.com which makes it possible for citizens of other countries to apply for Dominica citizenship. This is done by making an investment in real estate or a sector and qualifying to apply for citizenship and a second passport. In St. Kitts a similar second passport program is operated to encourage direct investments in real estate and businesses. The St. Kitts citizenship scheme also accepts donations towards economic diversification. These programs enable successful applicants to own a second passport and enjoy freer travel, fewer visa restrictions and more business opportunities.

Four of the reasons for incorporating a St. Lucia offshore company include structural adaptability, asset protection, privacy and tax exemption. With these basic properties, a St. Lucia offshore company is the ideal tool for international business, lowering your tax burden and shielding your assets from potential threats. Complementary advantages to the latter features of a St. Lucia offshore company are related to better possibilities for planning your finances, as an account held in the name of a St. Lucia company can be dedicated to organizing pension and investment funds, and managing wealth.

For more privacy, you may want to consider the possibility of appointing a nominee director and or shareholders whose name(s) would appear on the St. Lucia offshore company’s documents instead of yours. Nominee services would be placed at your disposal by your service agent if this is one of the services provided. However, the particulars of the beneficial owner of the St. Lucia company must be given to the agent.

Capitalization is a nonissue if you are incorporating of a St. Lucia offshore company based on the fact that there are no minimum or maximum capital requirements, shares can take on a variety of forms and issued in any recognizable currency. However, all shares must be registered and not issued to the bearer as this is not allowed. The incorporation fee paid by a St. Lucia company is also not proportionate to capital, therefore fees are fixed and allow freedom and flexibility in the share capital amount. The share capital of a St. Lucia company does not have to be fully issued when you are incorporating the company, hence a company is capable of issuing one (1) share to a single shareholder and is not obligated to issued the full value of its authorized share capital.

While no limit is imposed on the maximum number of directors a St. Lucia offshore company can have, a standard maximum and minimum of seven (7) and one (1) directors are the usual requirement for any company. A St. Lucia offshore company is free to decide whether its directors will be local residents of St. Lucia or solely non-residents, as well as natural or legal persons, since the role of director can be assumed by a corporation or firm. With regard to officers, the appointment of officers is done at the sole discretion of the company based on its requirements. As in the case of a St. Lucia company’s directorship, a corporation or person can be given the duty of officer.

There is still a wide range of St. Lucia company names to choose from given the different types of business that a St. Lucia offshore company may engage and the name endings to choose from, such as Ltd., GmbH, Limited, Inc., S.A. and Inc.